Hypebeast Flagship

The new Hypebeast headquarters in New York City’s Chinatown is the second flagship of the Hong Kong-based streetwear company and the first in North America. Stand and Build’s creative team was hired to design and build artful sculptures, eye-catching pedestals and "strikingly angular mannequins" to contrast with the gray, concrete walls and shiny, metallic fixtures.

The gestural yet abstract metal armature mannequins offer endless merchandising options by using puffy, flexible inserts to make free-form body shapes not limited to any body type. Adding fresh flowers to peek out of necklines animates the sculptures. Two unique pedestals were designed to elevate ordinary materials, each layer eliciting a specific, hidden construction method. Collaborating with the HBX team, we also activated a zone on the second floor of the retail store with two angled walls finished in a brilliant cobalt blue felt, and a curved, speckled, rubber matting floor.

  • Hypebeast
  • June 2022
  • Display Design / Flagship Fixtures
product design, custom build, prototyping, display design, store install
Hypebeast Flagship
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Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Detroit

For the launch of the Spring/Summer 2021 ready-to-wear collection, Bottega Veneta continued their non-traditional presentations with a Salon show and pop-up in the historic district of Corktown in Detroit, Michigan.

Stand and Build produced a slew of samples for the furniture, dressing rooms, and mirrors, got feedback from the luxury brand’s worldwide office in Italy and responded under tight deadlines. Our team installed our crafted pieces in a converted firehouse, as well as other furniture, carpeting, signage, and displays by local Detroit designers and artists.

  • Bottega Veneta
  • Oct 2021
  • SS21 RTW Pop-up
prototyping, custom build, Detroit installation, luxury brand pop-up
Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Detroit
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Cascading Arches

Zeta Charter Schools asked Stand and Build to create a unique installation for the lobby of the new Mount Eden Elementary in the Bronx. The installation would garner excitement from the Zeta community of students, families, faculty and teachers. Stand and Build’s design team brainstormed initial ideas and worked through sampling for the hand-painted finish.

Collaborating with the Zeta team, we tweaked the final design to comply with ADA requirements and to harmonize with the existing interior of the school. Inspired in part by the calm of a fountain and The High Bridge nearby, the Cascading Arches creates a space of reflection and curiosity. It’s an experiential artwork that can be walked under and around, bringing awareness to one’s body moving through space.

  • Zeta
  • SEP 2021
  • Art Installation
concept design, custom build, hand painted, site-specific, public art
Cascading Arches
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Ebony Test Kitchen Restoration

The Museum of Food and Drink came to Stand and Build in late 2019 with a proposal to restore the Ebony Test Kitchen for an exhibition about African American cooking. After taking stock of the disassembled inventory, we referenced photos and sketches of the original site taken by Landmarks Illinois, the nonprofit that saved it from demolition in 2018.

We built a new floor and walls, opening up the original footprint an extra 14 inches so the public could walk through and experience the space. We replicated the patterned carpet and funky wallpaper, color matched the original paint swatches and laser cut geometric light panels just like the originals. A major feat of the completed structure was engineering the ceiling using two 14-foot I-beams to safely support the range hood.

After a two-year pandemic delay, "African/American: Making the Nation's Table" finally opened at The Africa Center in February, 2022, showcasing the real space where editors of Ebony Magazine tested recipes that have inspired Black families since the 1970s.

  • Feb 2022
  • Historic Restoration
kitchen installation, art exhibition, restoration, site-specific
Ebony Test Kitchen Restoration
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Burrow House Boston

Burrow Furniture opened their second flagship location in Boston, MA in early 2022. Working with The Lion’esque Group, Stand and Build constructed all the showroom shelving, modular display units, adjustable room divider walls, podiums and cash wrap.

The prototyping process with Lion’esque was collaborative. Stand and Build prototyped all pieces to be easily adjustable, modular, and assembled with very minimal tools, in keeping with Burrow’s design philosophy. The toolless assembly system allows for extremely simple changes to the store design.

We used rift sawn white oak for a modern, clean look and outfitted the bar tops with Formica Everform for durability. Room dividers with tension posts for the floor and ceiling create the idea of a sectioned off room while still keeping an open floor plan.

  • MAR 2022
  • Retail Showroom
custom build, retail display, prototyping, modular, easy assembly
Burrow House Boston
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Iconic Handbags

Coinciding with their 2019 first floor redesign, Saks unveiled Iconic Handbags with 17 larger than life handbag replicas displayed with dramatic lighting in their windows on Fifth Avenue.

We undertook this project first by 3D scanning each of the bags and making detailed technical drawings of each window display. Using the meticulous painting skills of our team, we applied several faux marble finishes to the three feet wide sculptures and added details like clasps and chains that we laser cut and hand sculpted.

Each window design was unique and had to be test fitted with the mounted handbags in our studio before our team installed all 17 windows over the course of a few days and nights.

  • FEB 2019
window display, visual merchandising, cnc, faux finish, laser cut
Iconic Handbags
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Residential Library

This stunning home library started out as a completely raw space with plaster walls and exposed pipes. We built all the pieces in-house using solid walnut and walnut veneer that we then spray finished with a clear lacquer for a polished look.

We engineered very specific wall panels for each corner to hide the irregular structure of the room, as well as a hinged panel in the ceiling that was necessary to access the wiring. Sound-absorbing felt cut to mimic the CNC wall grooves was added to the ceilings to further enhance the ambience of the room.

In collaboration with MADE, an all-women team surveyed the site, created the shop drawings, managed, built, and installed the work, which is not unusual for Stand and Build, but still worth noting.

  • West Village Townhouse
  • NOV 2015
  • Residential Built-In Furniture
fine woodworking, residential installation, custom build, site survey
Residential Library
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Daniel Buren with Bortolami Gallery

Stand and Build has worked with Daniel Buren for multiple exhibitions over the years at Bortolami Gallery in New York City and in Miami for Bortolami’s programming initiative “Artist / City.”

Precision is vital because Buren repeats the exact same stripe motif in all his pieces.

Cautious to call his work “installation,” the Parisian conceptual artist blurs the line between art and architecture by activating a space and inviting the architecture to become part of the artwork.

  • DEC 2015
artist installation, gallery exhibition, viewer experience, fine art sculpture
Daniel Buren with Bortolami Gallery
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Harry's Grand Central Kiosk

Harry’s, the men’s grooming supplies startup, asked us to customize a Grand Central Station kiosk for the 2015 holiday season.

They came to us with an aesthetic inspired by newsstands from the 1920s and 30s.

We engineered their design to fit within the parameters of the freestanding kiosk structure and featured a beautiful marble countertop and white oak drawer storage below.

  • Harry's
  • Oct 2015
  • Cabinetry
built-in storage, modular retail display
Harry's Grand Central Kiosk
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Penetrables at Galerie Lelong & Co.

For the first time in New York, the multi-sensorial installations of Hélio Oiticica, an influential Brazilian sculptor and installation artist, were installed at Galerie Lelong.

Stand and Build worked directly with the estate of the artist to build his “Penetrables” to meticulous specifications.

Oiticica’s work relies on viewer interaction and experience so functionality and durability of these sculptures was of utmost importance. In one piece, viewers could move the bright yellow panels to activate the work.

  • Galerie Lelong
  • May 2012
  • Fine art Production / Experiential
art installation, gallery exhibition, experiential art
Penetrables at Galerie Lelong & Co.
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